The Northern light of Parenthood

Parenthood as a light source.
 Mother and Father, two guiding lights for their baby, receiving light from him/her themselves.
“The Northern light of Parenthood”, artwork designed for a couple of new parents in Denmark (Danish her, Italian him), focuses on the parenthood-oriented forms in sculpture by mixing two different approaches.
On one hand, there’s the essential, symbolic and “cold” expecting couple of the Scandi Minimalism.
On the other hand, the heart-warming tones in the materials adopted, representing the Mediterranean half of the artwork’s overall design.
This statue, digitally sculpted and 3D-printed in reinforced ABS, has been ennobled by an iron filings coating over the entire surface.
Its pedestal has been obtained by embedding the plastic base of the core statue within clear epoxy resin, in order to give more brightness to the whole sculpture.
Specifically, resin has been poured into a maritime pine shaped mould, just to get the warm effect of a typical Mediterranean wood.





ABS, wood, clear epoxy


digital sculpture, 3D printed in ABS, iron filings coated. Pedestal casted with clear epoxy

size (width x depth x height):

180 x 130 x 200 mm


3,5 Kg

Exhibited at

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