The Northern light of Parenthood – Bronze edition

This artwork is a reinterpretation of the homonym sculpture made in 2019. 
The latest remake aims at valuing and strenghtening the former version from a time and space perspective. 
Compared to 2019 edition, bigger size aside, ABS has been replaced by bronze, whilst a thicker solid block of walnut wood has taken over the previous maritime pine pedestal.
Eventually, artificial green patina has given more prestige to the whole artwork with a touch of “antique”.
Beside aestethics, another main target of the project was to test an hybrid fabrication method where new technologies and traditional sculpting could cohexist.
In fact, statue’s core structure supporting all the layers of overlaid bronze is fully 3D printed.
On the other hand, this metal “wrap” has been obtained by cold sintering of bronze powder bonded within polyester resin.
The outcome is an hollow, light-weight and yet solid statue, significant and noble-looking.





Bronze, wood, clear epoxy


Sintered bronze over 3D printed core structure, chemically patinated. Pedestal carved in Canaletto walnut wood, coated with clear epoxy

size (width x depth x height):

410 x 360 x 460 mm


4,7 Kg

Current status

exhibition mode:

physical artefact