De Initio Finis

The artwork “De Initio Finis”, vitrified high impact polystyrene craft, aims at emphasizing the initial, improvable results Medical Science is currently achieving against Covid19, despite the great deal of problems we are all well aware of. 

The Caduceus, symbol of modern  Medicine by now, as an arrow running through the virus and hitting the center of a quite blurred target.

Likewise, going through the apparently endless pandemic is someway blurred itself, and as this artwork’s title states, all the current mass vaccination measures are just “the beginning of the end”.

This artwork has been entirely designed by the means of Digital Sculpture and its hardware and software tools.

Every building block has been 3D-printed and refined by turning and hand milling.  

Eventually, raw body of the statue has been vitrified using epoxy treatments and finally mica powder pigmented to get its iridescent nacre effect.





H.I.P.S. (High Impact PolyStyrene)


digital sculpture, 3D printed in H.I.P.S., turned and hand milled, chemically vitrified and finished using mica powder;

size (width x depth x height):

400 x 350 x 450 mm


9 Kg